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About ASPI Labs

The ASPI houses experts from numerous fields that include: molecular biology, neurophysiology, human physiology, biomechanics, food science, statistical analyses, nutritional and supplemental therapeutics, and much more. In addition to our intellectual capital, our advanced partnerships expand to all corners of corporate, academic and clinical services, allowing us to assure cutting-edge science innovations.

Study Design

Through experience and a collaborative effort, our team assures accurate, proper and efficient study design dependent on your needs.


All research is conducted in our 21,000 square-foot facility. This includes subject recruitment, study execution, pre- and post-testing measures, data collection, and statistical analyses.


Our expertise and experience is here to help you avoid confusion and understand exactly how you can use research to validate your product and provide boost marketing claims.

Who We Have Worked With

We work in conjunction with the top scientific minds and resourceful innovators, leading the health and wellness industry. With backgrounds in clinical, academic, and corporate settings, ASPI can truly do it all.


Years of Experience


Our Mission

Challenge current dogma in the health and human longevity realms. With new insight to effectively promote a healthy lifestyle and optimize human performance.

Our Capabilities

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

Body Composition: Using our advanced body composition methods, we are able to assess whole-body and regional body composition (bone density, lean- and fat-mass) to the nearest gram. Additionally, we can assess levels of intracellular, extracellular and total body water. This allows great sensitivity to detect changes in body composition.

  • Bone mineral density
  • Full-body DXA scan
  • Regional DXA scan
  • Intracellular/Extracellular Fluid Balance
  • Localized Muscle Hypertrophy/Atrophy
  • Muscle Quality

Ultrasonography: With our state-of-the-art ultrasonography system, we are capable of capturing and constructing 4D, multi-planar views of the human anatomy. This system allows for precising imaging of connective tissue and quantification of key variables of skeletal muscle such as muscle thickness, cross sectional area, pennation angle and fascicle length. Additionally, using pulse wave doppler, real-time measures of flow mediated dilation can be assessed.

  • Flow-mediated dilation
  • Blood flow
  • Muscle Cross Sectional Area
  • Muscle Pennation Angle & Fascicle Length
  • Muscle Thickness
Cardiovascular Assessment

Cardiovascular health is much more than traditional blood pressure. Using Bluetooth technology sensors, we have the ability to measure several indicators of cardiovascular and arterial function simultaneously. Measures of aerobic capacity and sympathetic output can also be evaluated.

  • Peripheral and Central Arterial Function
  • Peripheral and Central Blood Pressure
    • 24-hour monitoring
  • VO2 Max
  • Ventilatory Threshold
  • Continuous Heart Rate & Heart Rate Variability Monitoring

Using indirect calorimetry with a mixing chamber to quantify volume of respiratory gases, accurate measurements of resting or exercising energy expenditure can be assessed. Through this “gold standard” method of calorimetry, measures of oxidative capacity to determine contribution of substrate to overall energy expenditure can be monitored.

  • Resting and Exercising Metabolism
  • Energy Substrate Utilization
Biomarker Analysis

We offer a plethora of clinical lab test to evaluate the impact of treatment on specific biomarkers to measure efficacy and safety.

  • Complete Blood Count
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Lipid Panel
  • Thyroid Panel
  • Inflammatory Marker Panel
  • Hormone Panel
  • Liver Function
  • Kidney Function
  • Glucose Tolerance
  • Plasma Amino Acid Profiles
Comprehensive Biomechanical Analysis

Our markerless 3D whole-body biomechanical analysis provides us with an intricate and precise vision of joint and muscle functionality. Using whole-body functional movement screenings we can precisely evaluate upper- and lower- body movement efficiency, mobility, power, joint stability, balance, form, overall strength, loading patterns/efficiency and joint torque.

  • Joint Stability
  • Movement Efficiency
  • Bilateral and Unilateral Force & Power Output
  • Identify Primary Muscle Movers
  • Quantify Maximal Joint Torque
Cognitive Assessment

Functional cognitive capacity correlates with visual and behavioral issues such as oculomotor abilities, visuospatial processing, and visual attention. We offer objective measures to quantify cognitive function with real-time biofeedback.

  • Dynamic Visual Acuity
  • Reaction Time
    • Saccadic Latency
    • Visual Reaction Time
  • Processing Speed
  • Multiple Object Tracking
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Depth Perception
  • Contrast Sensitivity
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Post-Concussion Monitoring
Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is important for coordination to perform activities of daily living as well as performing a maximal effort sprint. We contain the ability to evaluate both ends of the spectrum with an array of technologies, providing the capability to analyze all phases of walking and sprinting gait.

  • Walking
    • Identify walking gait stability
    • Ambulatory walking assessment
  • Sprinting
    • Identify stretch shortening cycle efficiency
    • Profile force output
  • Characterize acceleration ability
  • Quantify stride length and stride frequency

Our medical-grade dynamometer is highly utilized within research, performance, and rehabilitation. This state-of-the-art equipment provides us with a unique capability of isolating upper- and lower-body muscle groups throughout isometric, isokinetic, and isotonic movements. This modality delivers valuable insight on characterizing contractile capabilities throughout a variety of velocities.

  • Isometric
  • Isokinetic
  • Isotonic
  • Identify agonist:antagonist strength-velocity profile

This technology captures muscle activation in real-time. Indicators such as contractile strength, fatigue, motor unit recruitment, muscle coordination, and neural excitability can be assessed.

  • Muscle Activation
    • Peak and Average
  • Coordination Between Muscle Groups
  • Quantify Neurological Adaptations
Ground Reaction Forces

Our measurement capabilities provide us with real-time analyses and highly extensive data export capabilities to analyze movement capacity, efficiency and symmetry. The sensitivity of our technologies provides a comprehensive report on force, velocity, and power output for each phase of the movement.

  • Identify symmetry indices
  • Characterize loading patterns
  • Eccentric utilization ratio
  • Dynamic strength index
  • Force/Velocity profiling

Our Team

Our team is formed by individuals who share a drive and determination to do one thing - Change lives through science and innovation.

Our Skills

We pride ourselves on conducting every project with the utmost speed, precision, trust, reliability, service and problem solving.

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